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The guidance in these pathways represents the view of NHS Mansfield and Ashfield CCG and NHS Newark and Sherwood CCG. It is intended to assist health professionals identify the most appropriate pathway for their patients. It is intended that the information available will assist by contributing to (rather than replacing or validating) the decision-making matrix of the health professionals.

The information set out can only ever be a guide and must be treated as such. In particular the guidance cannot (and must not) override a health professional’s responsibility to take a full and proper history and to exercise an appropriate degree of clinical judgment when deciding upon the relevant and appropriate treatment pathway to be followed in respect of each and every patient.

This guidance is intended to provide information to assist health professionals identify the most appropriate treatment pathway in consultation with the patient but ultimately the treatment pathway to be followed is a decision for the health professional and patient having regard to the circumstances of the individual patient, their history and presentation.