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MSK Referral Hub

From 11th August 2017 all Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Pain Management and Podiatry referrals are to be sent to the MSK Hub via a SystmOne referral.

For MSK Hub queries please contact 

For physiotherapy queries please contact

There have been instances whereby the patient being referred has previously not given consent to sharing their records with the MSK or physiotherapy service. In this situation, without the service seeing the patient face-to-face to gain explicit consent, emailing is the best option. If Hub staff request for you to e-mail the referral letter please follow these instructions to enable to you email the letter directly from the patient record. This is unavoidable until the service next see the patient to request consent to view the record, so your co-operation is appreciated.


Physio Med

NHS Mid Notts MSK service is currently working with PhysioMed to offer patients, who are referred or who refer themselves to community MSK physio, an opportunity to try a new ‘self-care’ app that is available for smart phones, tablets and PC’s. This is part of the clinical pathway of care because a series of exercises may well improve a patients’ condition before they get to see a physio. The patients place on the waiting list will  remain the same whether they choose to take part in the pilot or not.


Patients will be contacted by PhysioMed and will be asked if they want to take part. PhysioMed will have been given the patients name and telephone number so they can contact them. Nothing more and they DO NOT have access to any clinical or personal information. If a patient chooses not to take part, their information is destroyed.


If a patient agrees to take part, the information PhysioMed hold is destroyed as soon as they have completed using the app.

Please find document /media/2560/msk_hub_doc.pdf embedded below


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